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Brushing Machinery
I Kuang Machine Works Co., Ltd.
I-KUANG Machine Works Co., Ltd. was established in 1972 specializes in the design & manufacture of the machines used in the textiles finishing industry .Our products are including Raising Machine , Shearing Machine , Sueding Machine , Calendering Machine and Tentering Machine , etc…. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
Yan Tu Co., Ltd.
Yan Tu Co., Ltd. is focus on dyeing industries. Our products are including Our products are including CE Raising M/C, CE Shearing M/C, CE Sueding M/C, Shearing M/C, Embroidery Shearing M/C, Full Function Shearing M/C, Raschel nitting Shearing M/C, Sueding M/C, Compacting Calender M/C, Gear Type Raising M/C, Inverter Raising M/C, Inverter High Speed Raising M/C, High Speed Brushing M/C, Tricot Inverter Raising M/C. If sir/madam is interested in our products please kindly contact us.
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