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Building Materials
K. E. & Kingstone
K. E. & Kingstone Co., Ltd. has a long and successful history in the plastic and building material fields since 1968. K. E. & Kingstone products range are window coverings, display fixtures, snow chains, waterproofing systems, PVC extrusion products and plastic goods. K. E. & Kingstone is the partner whom you can work with and have trust in. We welcome all interested party to join in our campaign into a new market and enjoy the rewards therefrom . All of us at K. E. & Kingstone welcome any comments and advices.
Data Good Enterprise Co., Ltd. & Data Light Technology Co., Ltd.
Data Good Enterprise Co., Ltd. & Data Light Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 when we started manufacturing acrylic furniture and soon expanded to set up a factory Data Cycle International Corp. in 1998 manufacturing high quality PC accessories by a team with considerable commercial experience and extensive knowledge of mechanical and electronic engineering. We believe that with our advanced hi-tech, DCI’s light boxes will one day replace the existing conventional boxes and light up every corner of the world.
Goldspring Enterprise Inc
Hisn Tai Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1966, we are professional produce rubber flooring products and industrial rubber sheets. Our 38 years experience of these materials gives us the expertise to design and manufacture a product that meets your application needs. To provide our customers the best quality products and the most reasonable prices is always our first priority. Please browse our home page for the further information about our products.
Ya Nan Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd.
Yanan was focus on PVC rigid pipe since 1975, after 1985 begin to manufacture various DIY products such as PVC Folding Doors For over 12 styles. Our product ranges are including Ceiling Panels, Wall Panels and other plastic profile. We offer top quality, good designed and reasonable price of products for Home center, Mail order store, Home improvement store and DIY building material store.
Good Chain Industrial Co., Ltd.
Good Chain Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly focus on PVC Folding door,PVC Wall panel, PVC Ceiling panel, PVC Decoration cornice, PVC Interior Panel door, PVC Lattice…etc. Please browse the website for more information on our products. For any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact with Good Chain Industrial Co., Ltd. We are delighted to hear form you.
CKM Building Material Corp.
The 21st-century CKM, in addition to honoring its commitment to quality, will aggressively simplify operating procedures, facilitate the distribution of its products, and meet customers’ requirements with an all-embracing service system, in an aim to re-mold a marketing network based on customers’ interest. We have ambitious strategies to create our future direction and a mission to always upgrade the company.
Yih Tai Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
Yih-Tai Plastic Industry Corporation is focus on PVC products, our products are PVC Folding Door, PVC Trellis, PVC Floor Border, PVC Ceiling Border, PVC Interior Doors and Panel, Folding Shower Encloser, Folding Door Lock…etc. For offer our best quality to our customers we have ISO9001 and CE certificate. For more information please kindly contact us for more detail.
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