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Computer Hardware Software & Peripherals
D Link System Co., Ltd.
D-Link is mainly focus on networking, broadband, digital electronics, voice, data and video communications solutions for the digital home. Our products are including Wireless Networking, Cable/DSl Routers, 3G Mobile Routers, Cables/DSL Modems, Switches, Network Adapters, Internet Security Adapter, Enterprise Network Storage, VPNs/Firewalls, Internet Cameras. Wireless Media Players, Home Network Storage, Video Conferencing, Voice & IP Communications, Print Servers, USB…etc.
Microtec International Inc.
Microtek International, Inc. is mainly focus on designing and manufacturing innovative, affordable digital imaging products since 1980. Microtek holds over 100 patents worldwide and continues to provide a wide range of scanners to the photography, prepress, graphic design, and document imaging markets. Our products are including Scanners, Flat-Screen TVs, LCD Monitors, Projectors, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, and accessories.
Securtec Professional Service Corp.
SECURTEC was established in 1997, which is specialized on the “Total Security Solution (TSS)”. Our products are including firewall, anti-virus gateway appliance, intrusion prevention system, wireless security, and network security products. Please kindly contact us for more information.
Intech Fasteners Co.,Ltd.
Intech Fasteners Co.,Ltd mainly focus on HIGH-Quality, Custom fasteners and other Non-standard parts in both small and large quantities. Our products are including Cold Headed Specials, Die Casting Parts, Plastic Fasteners for industry, Secondary Operations-plating, drilling, tapping, assembling, labeling ,etc., and All materials-common to exotic.
Taiwan Imaging Tek Corporation
ImagingTek was established in 2002 , TITC's core compression technology has been validated and being implemented in image and video related electronic products and for the end users’ products are including digital camera, DVD/DV/STB, LCD/DTV, PDA, MFP, eBook / eDictionary, smart phone, etc. with benefits such as high performance, lower cost, and lower power consumption.
Inventec Corporation Co., Ltd.
Inventec has found in 1975 which is focus on electronics and technology industries. Inventec has moved forward into the design and manufacturing of high-tech products such as notebooks, enterprise servers, storage products, wireless communications, network applications, consumer mobile devices, consumer electronic devices, and wireless solutions.
Data Systems Consulting Co., Ltd.
DSC is the company which committed to fulfilling the role of valued e-enablement partner for its customers. As a leading player in the information services industry, DSC has a responsibility to maintain the highest standards in this area. Our products are including TIPTOP GP e-Business Total Solution , Workflow ERP II Total Solution , Smart ERP System , e-Go SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) ERP System and other systems.
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