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Yamaiji Umbrella Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Since established in 1984, Yamaiji Umbrella Mfg. Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years experience in design and manufacturing umbrellas and parasol. We commit to offer customer with excellent product quality and competitive price. We adopt strict quality control system to ensure that our entire product are well made and distributed. Moreove, we expect to offer innovating productions in high quality, beauty, strength and elegance.
Your Trust Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Since established in 1993, Your Trust Enterprise Co., Ltd. devoted itself in exporting various garment & clothing accessories in Taiwan. With years’ experience, we have established an outstanding reputation to supply our high quality products with reasonable price. We keep developing new designs as the latest fashion trend to maintain our leading position. We are confident that our quality and price are worthy of your trust.
Teff Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Teff Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1981, and devoted in the production of safety helmet in the early stage. Our main service are sell & buy and wholesale for foreign and home customers. Our major products are sun hats, student hats, Seattle Sombrero, baseball caps, leisure caps, cook hats, advertising caps, golf hats, skiing hats, fishing cap, hair hats, sports caps and accessories. Our operation goal is to implement diligent manufacturing & providing professional service.
Fu Tai Group
Since established, Fu Tai Group dedicated itself in the production of umbrella manufacturer. The Fu Tai group has developed into the largest and most self-sufficient umbrella manufacturer in the world, providing all the components for finished umbrella products. This organizational structure strengthens our position for further growth. Please feel free to contact us for more product information.
Transox Industry Co., Ltd.
Transox Industry Co., Ltd is a professional sock manufacture since it established in 1980. With over 27 year’s experience, we are able to offer various high quality hosiery socks. Our main products are men's socks, ladies' socks, children's socks, 3D designed socks, knee high socks, terry socks, and ankle socks. We strive for continue research and develop new products to meet or exceed customers’ requirement. To understand more about our product, please free feel to contact us directly.
Tafa Umbrella And Bag Factory Ltd.
Since established in 1974, Tafa Umbrella And Bag Factory Ltd. is devoting in the production of umbrella. Tafa is recognized as a leading professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of umbrellas. Our market include Europe, USA, Japan and Australia. In order to offer customer more competitive price product, the production factory has been moved to Zhang-Pu Hsien, Fujian, and China since 1989. we sure that with our professional experience, we are able to satisfy your need.
Ta Cheng Fong Umbrella Co., Ltd.
Ta Cheng Fong Umbrella Co., Ltd. was established in 1968 and specialized in the production of umbrellas. Our goal is to become a primary supplier of high quality, yet inexpensive umbrellas. In recent years, Ta Chen Fong is recognized as pioneer who specialize in designing and building all kinds of umbrellas to satisfy customers throughout Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and South East Asia. Our products include raincoat, Bumbrella, Bthree sec umbrella, Bkids umbrella.
Colorsbrella Umbrella Co., Ltd.
Colorsbrella Umbrella Co., Ltd began in 1988 and involved in manufacturing of umbrellas of all kinds, tends to produce the highest quality umbrellas. We commit to offer our customer creative product, prompt service and cordiality. Our business principle is offer customer "Perpetual service". Our main products include Flash umbrella, Advertising umbrella, Beach parasol, Parasol, Two-section folding umbrella and Three section umbrellas.
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