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Sun Set Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Sun Set Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, we always offer top fashion products of sun glasses and reading glasses with all quality at most competitive price. All lenses used for sunglasses are UV 400 (ULTRAVIOLET) Protection quality. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries.
All-Logic Co., Ltd.
All-Logic was established in 1992, we are the manufacturing of Dual Lens Spectacle, Wraparound-Lens Spectacle, Visitor Spectacle, Goggle...etc. The products are available for OEM and ODM, Customized marking and special Product packaging. If sir/madam needs more information from our team, please kindly contact us.
High Tesk (Test) Industriest Corp.
Superching is a leading exporter with join venture of factories in Taiwan & China, more than 20 years experience in trading since 1985 from the former B.B.K.Enterprise Co., Ltd. and now re-established. Our products range including hardware items and safety products in the sprit, we constantly focus on the ingredients of good quality, on time delivery and competitive price services on a global scale.
Rolence Enterprise Inc.
Rolence Enterprise Inc., was established in 1981, we devote our enthusiasm to become a global dental products manufacturer which is truly unique. With the superior management by the founder and president of REI, Mr. C.C. Cheng who is a forward-thinking scientist leads us began a quest to create more effective dental product than ones that were available on the market. REI involves himself on developing better products that were not only advanced for their time, but also that would set future highest standards. We aim to archive to promote our products to worldwide. If you have any request, please do not be hesitate to contact us anytime.
Kung Cheng Plastics Co., Ltd.
Kung Cheng Plastics Co., Ltd. was established in 1982 which is focus on diving equipment including masks, fins, snorkels and hydroscopes. Our products are available for OEM and ODM , we also export to world wide for over than 20 counries, if sir / madam need further information from us please kindly contact us.
Chyan Shuenn Enterprise Co., Ltd.
CHYAN SHUENN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., provide all kind of Lens for sunglasses, Myopia & Astigmatism, rear view, gas mask, sporting goggles, wind goggles , protective spectacles, Presbyopia, Swim goggles, Pattern die for planar lens, cylindrical lens, Myopia & Astigmatism, cylindrical lens, and lntegral lens. Any of your suggestions and comments are accepted by us with the most seriousness, which will help us to grow up rapidly and push both of us to create a two-winning and long-lived business together.
Oriver Co., Ltd.
Oriver was founded in 1999 mainly focus on all kinds of Sunglasses. Our products are including Sports, Street, Mako, Snow Googles, MX Googles, Kids Googles, Kids Sunglasses, Reading, Prescription, Safety, Lens, and accessories.
Our self-innovated products are also recognized and received friendly feedbacks from our customers; those are the motivations that push Oriver to move forward.
Double Hero Corp.
Double Hero has been founded as a manufacturer of sporting goggles for more than 16 years. Profound experiences and extensive lines of sporting goggle products are exported around the world and won solid reputation for its quality and design. Our products are including sporting goggles and safety goggles, are distributed to the international markets. For custom-designed sporting goggle products or services, please contact us any time.
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