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Healthy Food
Fu-E Lifesciences Co., Ltd.
Fu-E Lifesciences Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of health products. Our product line contains 4 categories: tablet, capsule, pellet and dissolving-in-water pellet/pill. We have our own brand “U-O” for vitamin C, and also we provide service of contract manufacturing from producing to packing. Besides, we keep cooperating with worldwide biotech R&D centers to develop advanced biotech foods to fulfill the demand from different markets.
Synmosa Biopharma Corporation
Synmosa Biopharma devoted in develops, products in the Synmosa trade mark for years. We have exported our products to several worldwide companies in the Asia Pacific Region. We dedicated in six major therapeutic areas – cardiovascular, respiratory, central nervous system (CNS), NSAID, Hormone replacement treatment (HRT), and Metabolic therapeutics. Our goal is to improve the quality of human life through superior and innovative pharmaceutical and health care products.
Gold Chia Fong Biotech Co., Ltd.
Gold Chia devoted in longan, litchi and other fruits processing for over 20 years. We focused on research and reform of traditional equipment continually. Also we cooperate with Da-yeh University, HungKuang Institute of Technology, Chung Shan Medical University and other colleges for product quality improvement.
Chang Gung Biotechnology Corporation
Our Group seeks to promote & restore health & well-being through the use of a comprehensive range of products that represent the cutting edge of 21st century biomedical and nano-technology. We believe that the most effective way to achieve this is to combine the best practices from both Western & Eastern Medicines / Sciences.
Grape King Inc.
To develop Biotechnology in long-term, Grape King recruited a group of reputed microbiology & bioengineering specialists to establish its own Biotechnology Center in 1991 while there were a few companies having launched into biotechnology R&D in Taiwan. The purpose is to combine the experience of 30 years in pharmaceutical manufacturing with the new core techniques from bioscience and will march into the advanced biotechnology industry.
Fountain Biotechnical Developmental Company
The main products of Fountain Biotechnical Developmental Company are isoflavon, glucosamine, Soy and Herb Complex and NeOpuntia. These three products are used to treat our patients and also distributed to various clients. Our products have gained the approvals of not only our happy clients but also many professionals, doctors, pharmacists. We aimed to offer our customers a better lift quality in a healthy ways.

Taiwan Sugar Corporation
TSC, reorganized from the 4 major Japanese-managed sugar companies after the restoration of Taiwan to the Republic of China, was inaugurated on 1946 / 5 / 1 & thus became a state-owned enterprise as yet. After decades of development in sugar industry, TSC also spread its R&D to the field of horticulture, biotechnology, animal production and health, animal products utilization.
Kong Yen Foods Co., Ltd.
Kong Yen Foods was established in 1941 and devoted in brewing research field. With the effort of all employees, we started with the production of developed rice vinegar, black vinegar, good health vinegar, miso, and curry, sauce, and cordyceps sinensis mycelium series merchandises. We firmly insisted in pure brewing, honor operating, professional training, deep study in brewing technique, and modern equipment to advance its quality for customers.
Jin Fang Chuan Biotech Co., Ltd.~
Jing Fang Chuan Biotech, which was established in 2000, is specialized in manufacturing herbal health food. We not only offer fruit vinegar, but also tea & capsule. Excellent quality and great service are only two of the reasons the customers rely on us. Moreover, we never stop giving our effort to develop and research new products with advanced technologies. It keeps us always standing on the leading position in Taiwan market.
Pai Chia Chen Brewery & Foods Co., Ltd.
Pai Chia Chen Brewery & Foods Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973 by Mr. Jiang Liangshan in order to promote the advantage of vinegar to human health. We devoted to develop various vinegar products by the advanced fermentation technology and endeavored. Our main products include shiwu vinegar, old rice vinegar, pineapple vinegar, Yang-sheng health vinegar, plum health vinegar. Please contact us for more product information.
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