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ISDN Card, ISDN Modem, ISDN T.A., Gbit
Digimax Innovative Products Ltd.
From the very beginning of Digimax Innovative Products Ltd. been established, our primary goals is to be one of the innovative products suppliers in the world, we always believes that "Quality Assurance is Customers' Satisfaction" and in order to achieve the world class standard of production. We have the most professional team and moreover we own the superior product line to produce the excellent quality production to meet our customers’ requirement. Digimax Innovative Products LTD. in Taiwan connects with the global market by offering our local and overseas clients the unlimited business opportunities, which are all based on innovative ideas. Digimax does not only utilize the innovative ideas on products themselves, but we also apply them in our creative thinking, inventive design, innovative management, and brand-new production.
Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.
Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1991. Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. is the world-leading supplier of Wireless Broadband solutions, offering a wide range of solutions from residential to business. We have gained the reputation for delivering high-performing and solidly reliable wireless solutions. Our goal is to develop a communication world without physical boundaries. We hope everyone can access the information anywhere.
Chee Chen Hi-Technology Co., Ltd.
Chee Chen Hi-Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 and has been one of the leading professional manufacturers of connector & cable / wire harness in Taiwan. During the past years, we dedicated our effort in technical innovation, which enable us to have developed a complete range of electronic products. Moreover, we applied strict quality system to enhance the image of our products. All these efforts lead us the high reputation in the field.
Interepoch Technology Inc.
Interepoch Technology Inc. has been established in 1999 by who have fully experienced Taiwanese engineers. INTEREPOCH delivers value to its customers by designing and manufacturing wireless communication solutions that enable people to communicate effortlessly. Moreover, INTEREPOCH's products blend wireless standards with newly-developing, innovative wireless technologies within a single solution. In addition, the depth and experience of the R&D teams have contributed to the rapid recognition of INTEREPOCH as a leading force in the manufacturing of wireless communication devices.
Prime Electronics & Satellitics Inc.
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