Oil Impregnated Bearing

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Oil Impregnated Bearing
Fong Chair Industry Co., Ltd
Fong Chair Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1984 and specialized in production metallurgic powder products and textiles products. Our main products are mechanical parts and self-lubrication bearings covering many businesses (steel works, iron works, alloy items, stainless and special raw materials. Our factory applied ISO 9002 standard. With more than 20 years experience in production technology and good teamwork, we are able to offer various kinds of products for our customers.
Chao Chuan Metal Industrial Co., Ltd
Chao Chuan Metal Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1987. we dedicated in modernized our machines and equipment for making powder metallurgy parts, updated operations and accumulated experience to meet customers' high quality requirements of powder metallurgy parts at competitive prices. We equipped with strong tooling and machining supports from our long-term working partners that keeps us competitive so we can share the advantages with our customers.
Rainbow Ming Industrial Co., Ltd.
Rainbow Ming Industrial Co., Ltd is recognized as the leader in the power metallurgy industry since it established in 1975. To comply with our business mission is “Customer is always right, Our Product is the best", we offer our customer with the excellent products at reasonable price. With 30 years experience and hard working workforce, our products have enjoyed a fine reputation in the industry.
Kong Yee Industry Co., Ltd
Kong Yee Industry Co., Ltd own professional technical to producing or design high added value of gears and irregular parts. We focus on manufacturing a wide range of hardware products, machinery parts, auto & motorcycle parts,...etc, made of many kinds of materials. To reach the business goal, we continue devoted to system integration in addition to operation standardization and regulation execution.
Li-Yo Powder Metallurgy Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Li-Yo Powder Metallurgy Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 1987. We insist with four principles: high quality product, prompt delivery, reasonable price and complete after sale service. Li-Yo Powder Metallurgy specialized in oil impregnated bearing, micro-motored bearing. Our factory also acquired with ISO9001-200 standard. Please feel free to contact us for more product information and quotation.
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