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Optical Industry
Largan Precision Co., Ltd.
Largan Precision Co., Ltd. was established in 1987. The product s we have are Cellphene / NB Len, Webcan, Car Len, Camera Len, and Scanner Len. In 1997 we have innovate successfully Hybrid lens applied in Scanner/Barcode. For quality ensure we have ISO9001 quality certification since 2001. If Sir/Madam are interested in our product ranges please kindly contact us.
Vubest Technology Corporation
Vubest Technology Co., Ltd. , as a professional manufacturer specializing in the exportation of Hi-Tech merchandise from Taiwan, designs and markets high performance computer peripherals under "VUBEST" brand name worldwide. The company started out as a major manufacturer with leading technology for optical anti-glare screen filter and optical electronics components coating field in its Taiwan-based facility. If Sir/Madam would like to have more detail about our products please kindly contact us.
Aceteam Corporation
Aceteam Corporation, founded in August, 2000, is an agent focusing on the manufacturing, inspection and analysis of equipment, instrument and consumables for semiconductor, LCD, LED and MEMS industries. Aceteam is committed to achieve this goal by continuously investing to our manpower, introducing the cutting edge products, and establishing the complete technology platform where our best quality and support can be offered
High Power Lighting Corp.
We are the professional LED manufacturer focuses on the high power LED design, packaging and module manufacturing. Our main products widely are used in the LCD Backlighting, Flashing Light for Camera, Auto Lighting, the Indoors / Outdoors Illumination and so on. IF Sir/Madam are interested in our product ranges please kindly contact us.
Elite Advanced Laser Corporation, is a manufacturer of advanced optoelectronic components for information storage /retrieval, optical fiber communication and industrial markets. Other than constantly shipping laser products to the industry, Elite Advanced Laser Corporation has also been doing OEM for Japanese top laser diode makers for years.
Topco Scientific Co., Ltd.
Since the establishment of TOPCO Scientific in 1990, TOPCO aims to be in a leadership position in both high-tech products and services, and to aggressively expand into overseas markets and sales locations. Our products are Epoxy Mold Compound for IC Packing, Liquid Encapsulation, I-line Photoresist, DUV KrF Photoresist, ArF Photoresist, HMDS, Mask Blank, Synthetic Quartz substrate, IC Pellicle, LCD Pellicle, Thermal Interface Material, SIFEL(Si-Fluoro Elastomer), LED, Dispensing Machine.
Univision Technology Inc.
Univision Technology Inc. was established in 2000, we are focus on manufactures and markets OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes). With world-class technology, Univision continually develops new kinds of OLEDs and expects to lead the field in producing the highest-quality flat-panel displays (FPDs). Univision has provided customers with the most competitive and satisfying products in the market. If Sir/Madam are interested in our products please contact us.
Lumens Digital Optics Inc. was formed in 1998 Hsinchu , Taiwan (Silicon Valley of Taiwan), as part of ASUS Group. Lumens brand name has penetrated over 30 countries. Over the last few years, Lumens have successfully produced LCD Projectors, digital presentation stations, DLP projection engines, Video scalers, Digital HDTV processor boards etc. Lumens has been recognized as a leading brand name in the world.
Liefco Optical Inc.
Liefco Optical Inc. was founded in 1990, our main products are front surface mirrors and specialty glass for OA equipment, optical coating for imaging products and anti-reflective glass and AR acrylic for flat panel display. Liefco’s capable of coating, printing, cutting and special processing glass and acrylic substrate according to customers’ special requests to provide efficient and practical management of quality, low cost, high efficiency products and delivery time.
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