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Other Electrical Devices Parts
Yonyu Plastics Co., Ltd.
Yonyu Plastics Co., Ltd. was established in 1964 mainly focus on mold making products. Our products are including cable ties, wiring ducts, tie mounts, cable glands, and others. We have complete service such as R & D, OEM & ODM, it's more than great could hear from you for any questions or inquiries.
Lantac Techtronics Co., Ltd.
Lantac was established in 1990 specialized in product development and manufacturing wire harness, and flate cable assembly with excellence product quality and customer services. The company has practicing ISO quality standard to assure our customer's satisfaction. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
Yuarn Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
Yuarn Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 is a professional manufacturer in cable assembly, wire harness, manual / pneumatic crimping tools, cable/ wire stripper, crimping accessories and pc board assembling. We commit to offer our customer with excellent quality, competitive price, on time delivery, and prompt service. You are welcome to contact us for further product information.
General Wiring Components Ltd.
General Wiring Components was founded in 1980 mainly focus on General Wiring Components. We have produced vary from 100mm (4 inches) to 1030mm (40 inches) long, with tensile strength that ranges from 8 kg (17.6 lbs) to 113.5 kg (250 lbs). In addition to standard types, General Wiring Components also manufactures specialised cable ties in a variety of colours and designs. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
Pingood Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Pingood Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982 and devoting in the production of high quality plastic electronic products for worldwide market. Our factory has well-trained and professional workforce of over hundreds and is capable of manufacturing products that meets competitive pricing and strict quality requirements. We commit to offer excellent and advanced quality at competitive price to our clients.
Favortron Co., Ltd.
FAVORTRON Co. Ltd. was founded in 1982, specialized in the design and manufacture of plastics, Micro Coaxial Cable and Antenna products, as well as the proxy and sales of electronic passive components. We also actively put into the field of plastics parts, MCC & RF wire manufacture. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries we would love to hear from you!!
Welland Industrial Co., Ltd.~
Welland is the great emphasis placed on service quality and innovated product development. Welland has consistently been the first-to-market with such mid-to-entry HDD enclosures such like Multimedia Players , Security Enclosure , NAS & NDAS .... etc., Our products are including Tool-Free enclosure, 2 bay enclosure, S.M.A.R.T. enclosure, power saving enclosure, multimedia + LAN, multimedia player, minisan enclosure, NDAS enclosure, and accessories.
Taishiba Electronics Co., Ltd.
Taishiba's circuit breakers offer high performance and reliability made possible by adopting the advanced technology and know-how transferred from TOSHIBA corporation. Our products are including earthleakage circuit breaker, magnetic switch, and molded case circuit breaker. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries we would love to hear from you.
Yeong Chwen Industries Co., Ltd.
Yeong Chwen Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 1977. We have been a professional leader of the manufacturers at least 30 years. Our products are included Ring Terminals, Spade Terminals, flange spade terminals, pin terminals, blade terminals, lipped blade terminals, and female quick disconnects. Owing to gain good reputation, we keep creating new products for all the customers. We are welcome to accept any requirements. We believe we can find out your needs. In the near future, we would like to build a long – term business with you.
E-Long Electric Co., Ltd.
E-LONG was established in 1975 mainly focus on electrical parts for home appliance. Our products are including wire harness, heater technologies, power cord and small injection molded component (like lamp socket) for refrigerator, air condition, and washing machine. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries, we would love to hear from you!!
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