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Pharmaceuticals & Herbal Product
Nang Kuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Nang Kuang was established in 1963, is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical company. Our products are including Anesthetics, Antipyretic, Analgesic and Anti- Inflammatory agents, chemotherapeutic agents, Drugs acting on te brain, Drugs Acting on the Cardiovascular System, Drugs Acting on the Digestive System, Electrolytes, Carbohydrates, proteins and water replacement solutions.
Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a GMP manufacturer for herbal extracts in Taiwan and Australia. Our products are including Herbright, Herbright Gold, TCM Extracts, Health Supplement, Cosmetics,and Herb O Pet.All the manufacturing process and equipment are designed to minimize the inherent problems in the extraction and concentration of herbs while maximizing product efficiency, yield, and quality. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
Purzer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Purzer was established in 1988, which received CGMP, GMP and ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Our products are including Mizil topical solution, Purfen F.C. tablet, Lyoflex ointment, Purquaderm Cream, Isogen Vag. Tablet, Socaine Tablet, Simarin Capsule , Oralog Orabase, Refexin Capsule,and Yung-YungOintment. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
Biozyme Biotechnology Corp
Biozyme Biotechnology Corp. was founded in 1981, mainly focus on herbal supplement products. Our products are including Growing Children & Teenagers Supplement, Aged People Health Care, Daily, Health Care, Physical Functions improvement, metabolism improvement, beauty treatment, weight loss, body cleaning, and outside healing. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
Sheng Chun Tang Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd.
Sheg Chun Tang was founded in 1982 with the business of medicine. After 26-year-development, we’ve became the leading manufacturing in the pharmaceutics industry in Taiwan. We supply full range of products from Western medicine to Chinese herbal medicine with not only reliable quality, but also competitive price. Our plants are qualified by GMP and we never stop developing innovative products in our Bio Technical Center.
Fisherman Medical Group
“Fisherman Medical Group” was established in 1949 which is a very old company in the Medical Industry. Our products are including Western Medicine types, Traditional Chinese Medicine types, General Foods, Functional Foods, Biological Science Gel Sheets, Medical Supplementary Products, and Cosmetics. If Sir/Madam is interested in our products please kindly contact us for more detail.
Taiwan Wilson Enterprise Inc.
Taiwan Wilson Enterprise Inc. was founded in 1978 in Taiwan. We have been leading the manufacturer for years. Our products are kudzu root extract, herbal teas, chlorella and spirulina, and diagnostic test kits. We develop the best designing and offer the excellent products for our customers. ou are very welcome to offer the requirements. We believe your requirement may meet match your needs. We look forward to corporate with you in the near future.
LeFon Biotech Co., Ltd.
Lefon Biotech Co., Ltd. is offering all the top classes Moringa Powder with reasonable wholesale prices and available for OEM packing, our all producing procedures had committed quality to the G.M.P. Standard Assurance factory requirement. Please kindly contact us if there is any question or inquiry.
GeneFerm Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Geneferm specialize in mold, bacteria, yeast and actinomycetes. Our manufacturing includes fermentation-based biopharmaceuticals for the human health animal/veterinary health, pharmaceutical, agriculture, aquaculture, environment and industry. Our products are including Joint & ligament formula, Circulation & heart formula rhodiola crenulata, Women's formula, Liver-care formula, Gastrointestinal formula, Immune formula, Blood sugar formula, Prostate health formula, and Eyes formula.
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