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Prepared Food
Ten-In Food Co., Ltd.
We are the most professional & largest vegetarian food manufacturer in Taiwan. We’ve been involved in producing & distributing high quality vegetarian food since 1985. To serve customers with high quality food, we adopt advanced automated machines from U.S.A., Japan & Germany. This allows us to produce products in truly sanitary / hygienic environments
Yens is a professional in the field of seafood business with over 40 years of experience. We have remarkable reputation as our powerful global purchasing network & sales channel. Our business goal is to offer high quality food and serve to our customers now; we will play our role in the global frozen seafood industry, and introduce our best-selling value-added seafood products and also offer our OEM service.
Land Young Foods Co., Ltd.
Since its establishment in 1983, we’ve devoted ourselves to high quality natural seafood. An investment was made in 1997 to build a GMP-confirming food factory to accommodate company development & customer service. Now we’re looking to take a major step into the global markets to become a reputable first class enterprise domestically & abroad.
Luxe Enterprises Ltd.
Luxe’s been continuously growing through diversification into various business fields, from the early stages of feed stuff production & hog breeding to processed food & noodle manufacturing in later stage, transforming from a local company become an international one, Luxe’s enlarged its business scope from export only to an active presence in worldwide markets.
Shin Ho Sing Ocean Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Shin Ho Sing Ocean Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1966, and specialized in manufacturing dried leisure foods, frozen prepared foods, frozen marine foods. Also we are importing frozen foods such as cucumber meat, mullet roe, conch meat…etc. Nowadays we have more than 300 employees and offices in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung & Tainan to offer our prompt services to customer.
I-Mei Foods Co., Ltd.
I-Mei Foods Co., Ltd. started as a traditional Taiwanese confectionary in 1934. Now, I-Mei is manufacturer, distributor, importer & exporter of quality food products. We hold ourselves responsible for the health & well-being of our customers. Commitment to provide only the best quality food. Constantly developing innovative products. Striving for excellence to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.
Taiwan Sugar Corporation
TSC, reorganized from the 4 major Japanese-managed sugar companies after the restoration of Taiwan to the Republic of China, was inaugurated on 1946 / 5 / 1 & thus became a state-owned enterprise as yet. After decades of development in sugar industry, TSC also spread its R&D to the field of horticulture, biotechnology, animal production and health, animal products utilization.
Han Dian Co., Ltd.
Han Dian Co., Ltd. is the professional in the area of frozen food. From R&D, materials, production, packing to distribution, Han Dian require strict quality standards at every stage. We’ve conducted the most advanced production techniques continuously improving our R&D of those techniques. Our main products include: gratin, Italian cuisine, steamed rice plates, soup bags and the chef cuisine including about 100 different delicacies for our customers.
Bos’n International Co., Ltd.
Ve Wong Corporation
Since 1959, we’ve been producing varieties of foods, drinks & seasonings for both domestic & export markets in over 85 countries in the world under our own brand names. In 1994, our company was certified by ISO9002 in addition to the Food Good Manufacturing Practice which we obtained in 1993. Please feel free contact us for further product information and quotation.
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