PVC Jacket Shielded Wire

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PVC Jacket Shielded Wire
Sunshine Insulated Wire Mfg. Corp.
Sunshine Insulated Wire Mfg. Corp. was established in 1981. We are leading OEM / ODM manufacturer for at least 20 years. We also spread our business to North America, South America, West Europe East Europe, Russia, East Asia, and etc….Our products are included audio cables, speaker cables, video cables, and power cables. High quality, customer acceptable price and superior price are the goals for the company. In the future, we would like to do the long – term business with people who are interested in our product line.
Unixtar Technology Inc.
Unixetar Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1986, mainly focus on electronic accessories. Our product are including Cable, USB, IEEE1394, USB & 1394 Combo, iPod Accessories, gaming, SATA, Travel Kit, Audio, and other related products. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries, we would love to hear from you.
Sunget Co., Ltd.
Sunget Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. We have been a professional leader of the manufacturer for at least 20 years. We specialize in producing household electric appliances wire harnesses, Monitor wire harnesses, computer cable assemblies and wire harnesses for sewing machines, and car alarm systems.
Our product are included LCD harness, Computer wire assemblies, DVD Audio / Video wire assemblies, and Car alarm wire assemblies. We provide many kinds of products line to meet your needs. For further information, pleas contact us. We would like to offer you more detailed information.
Worldwide Cable Opto Corp.
Worldwide Cable was established in 1986 our Factory emphasized the use of highest technology and precision technicians to create products that are environmental friendly. Non-Toxic PVC materials are used in place of conventional PVC materials. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries, we would love to hear from you!!
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