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Kolin Electrical Co., Ltd.
Kolin Electrical Co., Ltd. is a well known electrical product provider in Taiwan. Kolin commit to a consistent manufacturing quality and safety product for the consumer. Recently, our goal is to promote digital home products as the main platform for strategic local and international market share to increase global export and brand recognition. Also, we aim to enhance the after sales service and customer service programs to improve brand recognition and consumer satisfaction.
Proton Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
Proton Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1946. We have been a professional manufacturer for years. Our major products are home electronics and proton. We keep developing and creating new products for all the customers in the world. In the near future, we would like to build a long – term business with you. We can offer not only best service but reasonable prices for each customer. We would like to corporate with you in the future!
Sampo Corporation
Sampo Corporation was established in 1936 and started as a traditional home electric product manufacturer. With continues effort dedicated in this area, Sampo is now a well known brand. Our business mission is “sincerity, creativity, and competency”. We strive to design, manufacture, and market all kinds of high quality home electric product and also prompt after sales service.
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