Ring Spinning Frames

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Ring Spinning Frames
Sun Mien Mechanical Co., Ltd.
Sun Mien Mechanical Co., Ltd. was established in 1969 mainly focus on relevant components for spinning equipment. Our products are including Ring spinning frame withauto-doffer, and blow Room Equipment. We has achieved about 150 sets of contrivances for the domestic and overseas automation spinning blow room engineering. If there are any questions or inquiries please kindly contact us for more detail.
Dah Heer Industrial Co., Ltd.
Dar Heer was established in 1976 specialized in research, design, and manufacture and selling of quality crochet machines. Our products are including Fancy Yarn Crochet M/C, Elastic Nonelastic Band Crochet, Elastic Nonelastic Lace Crochet M/C, Special Lace Crochet M/C, Cord Knitting M/C, Wind band Crochet M/C, Computerized Crochet M/C, Net Bandage, and Doubel Needle Bed Raschel M/C. Please contact us for more detail.
Taiwan Giu Chun Ind Co., Ltd.
Taiwan Giu Chun Ind Co., Ltd was found in 1968 mainly focus on farming machine and crochet knitting machine. Our products are including double bed warp M/C, Double Bed warp Knitting M/C, Electronci Double Bed Warp Knitting , Electronic Double Bed Scarf Knitting M/C, Lance & Band Crochet Knitting Machine, Band Crochet knitting Machine, Fancy Yarn Crochet Knitting Machine, Special Style Lace Crochet Knitting Machine, Medical Crod Knitting Machine,and Crod Knitting Machine.
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