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Higgstec Inc.
Higgstec Inc., is established in 2002, our team are focus on research and development of human-machine interface and touch technology applications. With the strong R&D capability and Engineering support, Higgstec positions itself as Touch Solution provider and manufacturer. If sir/madam are interested in our products please kindly contact us.
LuminentOIC and Fiberxon with our high-volume manufacturing capability, a global support team, and strong US, Taiwan, and China based R&D, we are forces to form a global market leader in optical component solutions. We also ready to support our customer's strategies and diverse requirements for optical interfaces for datacom and telecom networks, including FTTP, Access, Metro, and Enterprise applications.
M & R Nano Technology Co., Ltd.
M&R Nano Technology Co., Ltd is founded in 2001, we are the supplier of Semiconductor /Optoelectronics equipment and material. Our products are Semiconductor /Optoelectronics equipment and material suppler´╝ÜSingle/Double side Mask aligner, UV Colliminated light source, Spin coater, hot plate, Developer, and also the high sensitivity scientific CCD (ICCD, EMCCD, ..etc) and co focal microscope system ..etc.
Delta Optoelectronics, Inc.
Delta Opto was established in 1999 by Delta Electronics Inc. The principal objective of our company is to serve as a professional manufacturer providing higher luminance and energy efficient information display devices and systems.
Delta Opto Inc is formed as a subsidiary of Delta Electronics Inc, focusing on the development and manufacture of flat fluorescent lamp (FFL) and polymer light-emitting diodes (PLED). If Sir/Madam are interested in our products please contact us for further information.
Light Ports Inc.
Light Ports Incorporated was established in 2002. We are specialized in Optical-Electrical Measurement / Electrical System / Mechanical fields. Light Ports provide total solutions for optical electrical measurements which is including components and systems. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries.
Tyntek Corporation
Tyntek Corporation was established in 2002, we mainly developed high-brightness AlGaAs red LED that increased the value of LED. Our products are Semiconductor Compound, Visible LED Chip, Infrared LED Chip, Telecommunication product, Silicon Device, Photo diode, Photo transistor., Power transistor, Wireless communication product, GPRS/GPS.
If Sir/Madam are interested in our products please kindly contact us.
Seki Technotron Asia Pte Ltd.
Seki team was founded in Tokyo in 1948, we have long been recognized for its service and dedication to Japan's high-tech industries and advanced research communities. Seki Technotron Asia is a technical sales and marketing company that specializes in sales and service of high technology components, equipment, network & communications. As a highly respected distributor of technology products, Seki Technotron Asia partners with leading manufacturers to introduce state-of-the-art products and technologies to the ASEAN region.
Abon Touchsystems Inc.
Touchsystems Inc, founded in 2005 focuses in the design, manufacture and sale of five-wire resistive and surface capacitive touch panels. The demand for increased touch applications, global sourcing, and higher levels of reliability within POS, GPS, IPC, medical, kiosks, military, office automation, commercial, industrial, and automotive markets is helping to drive the growth of the business.
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