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Artsun Industrial Co., Ltd.
Artsun Industrial Co., Ltd. was established 1963 focus on sunglasses field. In 1978, Artsun started to get the good Export and Import record from Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs till now. Artsun Group's sunglasses products had been exported more than 30 countries which including USA, Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Australia, Middle East, etc.
Achelis Taiwan Co., Limited (Atcl)
Achelis Taiwan Co., Limited (ACTL) was established in 1969. ATCL's main criteria in business are import-- engaging in marketing, distributing and strategies developing of the internationally well-known German brand products. Our products are Ophthalmic Products, Sports Optics, and Ophthalmology. Please contact us for further information.
Aswan International Corporation
Aswan International Corportation was established in 1979 by Jimmy Chen. For ensure our dearest customer's quality we have ISO 9002 certified. We are provide the highest quality, valuable and stylish products with best service at the most competitive price. The products we have are glasses, goggles, ear muffs, Dusk Respirator, Face Shields, Welding Helmets.
Contour Optik Inc.
Contour Optik was established in 1978 by the Chao family. With more than 40 US issued patents and 120 international issued patents, Contour is devoted to providing innovative products to our partners to be leaders in this revolving and growing eyewear industry. With our depth of experience, cutting edge patented innovations, and state of the art facilities, Contour Optik is your turnkey solution for eyewear manufacturing.
Double Hero Corp.
Double Hero has been founded as a manufacturer of sporting goggles for more than 16 years. Profound experiences and extensive lines of sporting goggle products are exported around the world and won solid reputation for its quality and design. Our products are including sporting goggles and safety goggles, are distributed to the international markets. For custom-designed sporting goggle products or services, please contact us any time.
Chyan Shuenn Enterprise Co., Ltd.
CHYAN SHUENN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., provide all kind of Lens for sunglasses, Myopia & Astigmatism, rear view, gas mask, sporting goggles, wind goggles , protective spectacles, Presbyopia, Swim goggles, Pattern die for planar lens, cylindrical lens, Myopia & Astigmatism, cylindrical lens, and lntegral lens. Any of your suggestions and comments are accepted by us with the most seriousness, which will help us to grow up rapidly and push both of us to create a two-winning and long-lived business together.
Bod Weld-Cut Industry Co., Ltd. / Lead Work Industry Co., Ltd.
LEAD WORK INDUSTRY CO., LTD / BOD WELD-CUT INDUSTRY CO., LTD. established in 1981, is a leading manufacturer & exporter of gas welding & cutting equipment as well as regulators. Our complete product range provides customers convenience and saves on product sourcing. Our professional technology and talented working team make strict quality control from raw material sourcing to final production procession to ensure standard and high quality products.
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