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Technik Associates, Inc.
Technik Associates, Inc. was established in 1946 and has devoted to the woodworking machine industry for more than 20 years. Our main products Panel Saw, Auto Panel Saw, Sliding Table, double end tenoner, edge banding M/C, Edge trimming M/C, Radius Trimmiong M/C, Auto Edge banding M/C, and linear series. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
Ta Ya Machinery Corporation
TAYA Machinery Corp. was founded in 1969 and highly recognized as a company specialized in manufacturing Weaving Preparatory Machinery. Our products are including digital control Sizing machine, Micro Processing High Speed Warping Machine, Digital Control Indigo Dyeing with sizing machine, and special designed creel for color weaving. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
Hsing De Industrial Co., Ltd.
HDIC was established in 1985, mainly focus on special precision parts. Our products are including Plunger kit of water jet loom, Nozzle of water jet loom & stop valve, Nozzle of air jet loom & sub Nozzle, Scissors of looms, and Murata & auto ceramic cutter of coner. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries.
Chien Lun Machinery Co., Ltd.
Chien Lun Machinery Co., Ltd. main products are including vertical type multifunction sueding machine HOB, Multi function polishing & Handfeel treatment machine MPT, Inverter type high speed shearing machine IHS, Hydraulic type high speed brushing machine HOB, improved gear type raising machine GR, Horizontal type sueding machine for woven fabrics HWS, and Hydraulic type high speed Raising machine HOR. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
Aisa Kingdom Machinery Ind Co., Ltd.
Asia Kingdom Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1965. We have been committed to manufacture state of the art dyeing machine. Our products are including Dual Flow Dyeing Machine, Dual Flow Rapid Dyeing Machine, Rapid Dyeing Machine, Rapid Dyeing Machine, Normal Temperature Dyeing Machine, and sampling Dyeing Machine Series. Please kindly contact us it would be more than great to hear from you.
Cotech Engineering Corporation
Cotech Engineering Corporation was established in 1984 provide total solutions to a range of plant construction projects. We are particularly competent for major environmental protection and transportation projects, including air pollution prevention and related environmental protection engineering, centralized monitoring systems, clean/bioclean rooms, electromechanical integration, pure and waster water processing, production automation, and turnkey operations.
Shyng Wei Machinery Co., Ltd.
Shyng Wei Machinery Co., Ltd was specialized in non-woven fabric whole-plant more than 30 years. We are provide our customers good service, high quality products with competitive prices. Our products are including water jetting machinery equipment, resin bonding , silky machinery equipment , resin spray & dryer, Interlining, gluelining & foam lining machinery equipment, needle punching, artificial leather & shoes head lining machinery equipment.
Ta Ju Hsing Jron Works Co.
Ta Ju Hsing Jron Works Co., Ltd. was established in 1973, mainly focus on reaction products. Our products are including reaction, heat exchanger, dryer, mixer, and all kinds of storage tanks. We provide the great quality, and price, if sir/madam has any questions or inquiries please kindly contact us for more detail.
Yeoong Yeu Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Yeoong Yeu Enterprise was established in 1984, mainly focus on profession spinning machine manufacturing technique, profession produce the weaving prepares machine already more than 20 years, main development and produce each kind of spinning machine, the product has the hydraulic-pneumatic dish head to start up a car, hydraulic-pneumatic fall a cloth car…etc. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
Kiang Chie Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Kiang Chie Iron Works Co., Ltd. has been a professional leader of the manufacture for at least 30 years. Our products are included Water Jet Loom, 1 – Nozzle Water Jet Loom with Dobby, Electronic Neqative Dobby Machanical Neqative Dobby, and 2 – Nozzle Water Jet Loom Colors Optioned by Computer. Owing to gain good reputation, we keep creating new products for all the customers. We are welcome to accept any requirements. We believe we can find out your needs. In the near future, we would like to build a long – term business with you.
Dogetech Industrial Co., Ltd.
Dogetech is mainly produce autoleveller system more than 20 years experience. We also do the research and improved experience on all kinds carding machine and drawing frame. After technical modification and development, our machine quality and function of auto-leveller has won the patronage. Please kindly contact us for more detail or let us serve you the best autoleveller system.
Jing-Haw Machinery Corporation Ltd.
JING HAW MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in 1990 mainly focus on AUTOMATIC PE-FILM CLOTH PACKING MACHINE. The product we have have been designed as the results of years of R&D to perfectlymeet the customers needs; the complicated operations found in conventional packingmachines have been well improved, thus outstanding achievement in packaging quality in well noticed.
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