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Chung Shing Textile Group
Printed Wire Corporation(PWC) was established in 1973 which is focus on textile industry. PWC has been always developing with high technology together with these new innovations. This capability led PWC to serve world wide customers with qualified products, reliable credits, swift services and satisfied prices.
Yu Yuang Textile Co., Ltd.
Yu-Yuang textile Co., Ltd. was established in 1961, which is focus on textile industry.
Our products are warp knitting, circular knitting, functional fabric, brush, shave, sand & suede like fabric, En471 knitting fabric. For ensure our quality we have ISO 9002, QTW00326, ETW00004, OEKO-TEX, HKHL027309, Accredited Mill 2002 certificates. If sir/madam are interested in our products please kindly contact us for more detail.
Sabrina Fashion Industrial Corporation
Nien Hsing Textile Co., Ltd.
Nien Hsing Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 1986. We have been successful under the strategy of global production and international sourcing, while adhering to operating concepts such as reliability, and perfection. Our products are denim fabric, jeans wear, and casual wear. If sir/madam would like to have more information about us please kindly contact us.
Yo Ying Industrial Co., Ltd.
Yo Ying Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, originating from the famous textile-industry family in Taiwan. We have engaged in the textile industry for several decades and thus have plentiful experiences. Yo Ying Industrial Co., Ltd has long been persistent in the objective to produce cloth of various types with high-quality.
Tai Yuen Textile Co., Ltd.
Tai Yuen Textile factory was found in 1949. We are focus on textile industry , our main products are yarn, denim, dyed fabrics, jacquard, garments…etc. For the traditional industry in Taiwan we are facing the changeable hi-tech business era. Tai Yuen is aggressively looking for the shift of the line of business to pursue the innovation and variety, in order to meet the demand of the public.
Bentex Textile Industrial Co., Ltd.
BENTEX was established in 1990 June. Our service mainly focus on industrial fabric, for example, air mesh, mesh, lycra, water proof permeability, nano carbon, nano silver fiber, sail cloth and other functional fabrics.. We enlarged our business market by insisting those principles. Now we are a very important developer and manufacturer of Taiwan sports shoes fabric and textile materials
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