Ultrasonic High-Voltage Discharge Wire Bonding Machine

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Ultrasonic High-Voltage Discharge Wire Bonding Machine
Shin Mei Hua Precision Machinery Works Co., Ltd.
Shin Mei Hua precision Machine Works Co., Ltd. was established in 1965 , we are specialized in semiconductor equipment. Our main products are including aluminum wire, gold wire, die attach, and equipment. Our products all with great quality, please kindly contact us if sir/madam has any inquiries and questions.
Wado Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Wado Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd, mainly focus on developing sophisticated technology and best after-sales service for many customers with a wide range of integrated hook-commutator motor production line for a decade. For continued experience and support, high-quality equipment alone with processing of efficiency and stability need to be strengthened more effort to innovation by WADO's team bring them into unlimited business. For more information please kindly contact us.
Soung-E Electronic Co., Ltd.
Sount – E Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 specialized in design and manufacturing high quality soldering furnace. Our main products are including Auto-Multi-Point soldering machine, Manual-Multi-Point soldering machine, Multi-Point fixture, Auto Extended Double Wave Soldering Maching and related Turn-Kdy equipment. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
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