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USB Flash Disk
Arc Electro Industry Corp.
Arc Electro Industry Corporation was established in 1984. As one of the leading producer of computer and electronic connector in the world, we continue to innovate and create advanced products to maintain the pioneer position. Today, ARC Electro manufactures several hundred products in almost all category of connectors for electronic and computer applications. To ensure the product quality, we gained ISO9001 certified professional and global supplier.
AXPRO Technology Inc
AXPRO Technology Inc was established in 2005 and is a professional memory products supplier. We have two main product lines; there are DRAM modules and Flash peripherals. AXPRO Technology is the outstanding provider of memory module and flash peripherals. Our business philosophy is to offer customer with “Better, faster and cheaper” product. Our firmly commit to supply the highest quality products to customers, and due to the long term partner relationship with memory chip supplier.
Ritek Corporation
Since its establishment in December, 1988, our main goal is to satisfy every single of our customers’ need. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of the specialized field, RITEK had produced Taiwan's first CD, DVD and OLED. As time goes by, RITEK contribute all passion and professional skills to flash memory and consumer electronic (CE) products development, like memory cards, USB drives and MP3 players. Not only RITEK offers the perfect storage solution for portable digital devices, but also takes a lead of industry trend. Ultimately, if you have any request, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime for further information.
Neostar Technology Co Ltd
Neostar Technology Co Ltd is the professional manufacturer of offering complete service cable design and assembly. We operated professionally on both computer peripherals and OEM & ODM markets for over 13 years. Our main products are computer cables, interface connection products, wireless integration and customized products. Our goal is to strive for Cost competitiveness, knowledge escalation and market expansion to against the fast-growing and sophisticated Hi-Tech industry.
Wayjet Technology Inc.
Along with the further trend toward to flash memory and consumer IT products, Wayjet Technology Inc expanded it business scope to mobile memory storage products such as flash & USB device to enhance our market strength into digital memory storage. We aim to become a "digital memory supplier". Our business principles are to offer high quality products, excellent customer service, attentive team and on time delivery to our client.
Taiwan Tai-Hao Enterprise Co., Ltd.~
Taiwan Tai-Hao Enterprise Co., Ltd. started at producing PVC pipe and plastic products in Taiwan in the beginning. Latter, Tai-hao expand to keyboard keycaps production for over 25 years. Then we has transferred its expertise from the computer keyboard to the domain of IT Security Products & PMP/USB Storage & Bluetooth Products assembling lines with tremendous success. Constant innovation is our creed. We provide the most excellent services to our clients. We make your dreams alive.
Fortunetek Co., Ltd
Fortunetek Co., Ltd is the professional exporter in design and develop computer related products. Our main product lines are USB Drive, Portable Solar Charger, and Bluetooth and internet phone device. We also welcome OEM / ODM from worldwide customers. We strive for continuous research & development of advanced product and offer prompt service for our customer. Please feel free to contact us for further product information.
Dynamic System Electronics Corp
Dynamic System Electronics Corp. is an outstanding computer storage accessories manufacturer who concentrated on "research and development", "manufacturing", and "marketing". Our product lines include Flash Drive, External Enclosure, and Card Reader; we also endeavor to develop Multimedia Storage products. We strive for improving and expand our products to ensure our competitiveness in the worldwide market.
Data System Technology Co., Ltd.
Data System Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 and is the remarkable manufacturer in this area. Our success are based on our excellent quality control system and cost effected solution to customer. Moreover, we have more than 12 years subcontract manufacturing experience. Our research and development team is specialized in working with special customer design solution. Please feel free to contact us for more product information.
Candy Technology Co. Ltd
Candy Technology Co. Ltd was established in 1993 and specialized in design and manufacturing computer storage devices and multimedia tools. Our goal is to offer our customers with best service, highest product quality, most competitive price and user friendly computer devices. We offer different interface for all products such as USB, USB2.0, PCMCIA and IEEE 1394. Product with Abus logo can be used in any platform, and are compatible with all devices manufactured by Candy Technology.
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