Water Level Controller

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Water Level Controller
Shin Tung Electronic Industry Co., Ltd
SHINTUNG Electronic Industry Company was established in 1966 a manufacturer of RADAR electric control swiches. We have a trade mark registered world-wide for right protection and assures our customers for a long lasting accurate service of all switches. Please kindly contact us if sir/ madam have and questions and suggestions.
Jyh-Kuen Industry Co., Ltd.
Jyh-Kuen was founded in 1986 specialized in automation components. The brand name of our product is JKN. Our products are promoted by our customers worldwide with JKN brand or ODM, OEM brands. We step by step expand the product range and make the products meet the international safety standards. Please kindly contact us for more detail.
Persd Automatic Corp.
Persd Automatic company was established in 1990 specialized in control panels and related supplies. The latest major electronic engineering part is in the construction of Taipei 101 building and Taipei MRT system. For guarantee our products’ quality, our products all accords ISO 9001. Our main products are including Multifunctional liquid level controller, lever controller, accessories, cases, switch gear, and imported products.
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