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Wiring Ducts
East Awaken Industries Group
EAST WELL INDUSTRIES GROUP was established in 1988, mainly manufacture surface processing such as metal spray painting, baking, and lacquer work. Our products are including Cubic Printing coating, special coating for PU, velvet, leather and conductive materials, exquisite power coating, and the special printing requirements / piano mirror painting.
Yonyu Plastics Co., Ltd.
Yonyu Plastics Co., Ltd. was established in 1964 mainly focus on mold making products. Our products are including cable ties, wiring ducts, tie mounts, cable glands, and others. We have complete service such as R & D, OEM & ODM, it's more than great could hear from you for any questions or inquiries.
Rich Bay Co., Ltd.
Rich Bay Co; Ltd was established in 1986 which specialize in manufacturing IEC connector & NEMA sockets. Our products are including various Inlet & outlet, I.E.C. Socket, Outlet Socket, IEC Connectors, NEMA Socket, EMI Filter. AC Plugs, Convert Socket, Jack, and Pen Drive. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries we would love to hear from you.
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